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1080i-HDV & 720-SD Video Libraries
RVN Demo Center

Here you will find product demos and presentations from our 8 nature-series video libraries, and a demo track from one of our music productions.

A note on image quality: Our demos and previews are all downsized and rendered to a highly compressed Flash format. Actual video and image quality is true 1080i HD and will be far superior.

Demo-1, video & music: The first demo ("Play Demo 1" directly below), includes audio from among our music productions and presents highlights from all 8 Nature libraries (NS1-NS8). The other nature footage demos are video only.

Play quick demo of RVM Nature & Music Libraries

           please allow some time for this Flash movie to load (typically within 10 sec.)

Library and Category Highlights from NS2-NS8

The first 2 previews below provide a quick and comprehensive look at the entire NS2-NS8 library set. The rest are all by nature category. Just click on any of the screens below to play these demos.

Preview HDV Libraries: Nature Series-2 thru Nature Series-7
    RVM HDV/SD Demo: NS8
Preview HDV Library: Nature Series-8

About the NS2-NS8 Libraries: Nature Series-2 through Nature Series-8 (NS2-NS8) are a complete set of nature footage libraries, sourced in High-Definition, that provide 1050 clips of stunning variety and composition. The average clip time is about 27 seconds so there's more than 7 hours of footage in these libraries.

All footage was shot at select locations in 11 states of the American West and every clip is pure nature--with no unnatural objects or structures to contend with. The primary source camera was the Canon XL-H1. NS2-NS8 are also available in widescreen Standard-Definition format upon request.

RVM Music Track Demo
Reverie, by Debussy
for Harp, Flute, and Strings

Music Production Services for Custom Projects:
Our studio can provide professional scoring, MIDI sequencing, and many other services. If you wish to learn more, please visit our Contact page for phone and email information. We welcome all inquiries.

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