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1080i-HDV & 720-SD Video Libraries
Additional Details on RioVista High-Definition Footage


About File Sizes and Playability. 1080i High-Definition video files are very large. Further, we opted to use the minimum compression configuration available for the Photo-JPEG codec. Based on our tests, this results in the very best in quality and compatibility. File size is not an issue because we deliver HDV libraries on portable hard drives. QuickTime v7 or greater is required.

Please be sure to copy the clips to your local system drive before attempting to preview them with the QuickTime player. This will go far toward eliminating any jerky or other playback issues that might occur. Another common cause of jerky playback is simply an underpowered system.

Regarding playability… every clip is tested and works on our system. For your reference, here is the system we used to produce our HDV libraries::

Conversion and Encoding Tools: We get good results with QuickTime Pro v7 (or greater); you can use it to easily re-create source clips with bitrates and file sizes that suite many additional purposes. Another helpful application for conversion or encoding work is TMPGEnc Xpress (for Windows). Apple provides a conversion program named 'Cinema Tools' with Final Cut Pro (Studio), and a third-party utility (for Apple) named 'MPEG StreamClip' is known to be an effective tool for file prep before importing clips into Final Cut Pro.

While we can't guarantee how well these tools will work for you, we can report that many are using them with success.

Click Here for a Guideline on using 1080i clips in 720p and 24f/p Projects

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