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1080i-HDV & 720-SD Video Libraries
General Technical Information: All RVM Products

Professional Quality Media Products: Our stock nature video libraries provide an excellent and diverse set of HDV and SD footage collections; these are formatted for broadcast video applications, delivered in QuickTime movie files, and designed to fit seamlessly into your film, television, or multimedia presentation projects.

Our video products are distributed internationally by "Content Mint" and other channels. Additionally, our libraries are available via direct contact. Please visit the "Contact Us" page for further details.

About the NS2-NS8 Formats: 1080i HDV & Wide-SD

Nature Series-2 thru Nature Series-8: All of the content in the NS2-NS8 libraries was sourced in 1080i HDV. The primary camera used was the Canon XL-H1. Standard-Definition versions of NS2-NS8 are available in 16:9 widescreen format. The primary QuickTime codec used is highest quality Photo-JPEG. QuickTime v7 or greater is required.

About RVM High-Definition (HDV) Libraries

HDV, as most are probably aware, is high-definition digital video compressed to the MPEG-2 video format (using a color space of 4:2:0). This compression method enables the use of standardized tape recording systems and video capture via firewire. HDV format has amazing image quality and is an excellent choice for a majority of applications (especially B-roll footage).

RVM High-Definition Video Technical Information

*Our 1080i footage libraries are available in 50i format by direct request only (via phone or email). Online orders are currently limited to the 1080/60 format.

All of our HDV stock footage is benchmarked with Matrox RT.X2 output to Samsung 24” 244T HD monitor: Our HDV digital video footage is designed to be imported into NLE applications such as Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Edius, Sony Vegas, and others. Once imported into one of these NLE applications and viewed with an appropriate reference monitor, the actual quality will be apparent.

The following link will explain in more detail about our videos:

Click Here for Additional Information on RVM High-Definition Clips

Click Here for a Guideline on using 1080i clips in 720p and 24p Projects

About RVM Standard-Definition Libraries

Standard-Definition and Nature Series-1: Footage for the Nature Series-1 (NS1) library was obtained primarily with the JVC GY-DV5000. NS1 is available in 4:3 SD only. All of our NS1 clips are in the NTSC resolution of 720x480. (PAL format, at 25 fps and 720x576, is available upon request.)

SD Format and NS2-NS8: The NS2-NS8 libraries are available in both 1080i HDV and widescreen SD.

Standard-Definition Quality

SD Quality and Nature Series-1: The quality of our royalty-free stock nature footage video products will be most apparent when viewed on a true SD (NTSC/PAL) color television or monitor. All footage was benchmarked with a professional system and the JVC TM-H1375SU reference monitor.

RVM SD Footage Designed for NLE Systems: The SD/NTSC specifications for resolution, color, and luminance result in a high-quality image product that fit seamlessly into any professional video or film production NLE system. The following link provides further technical detail about our Standard-Definition format libraries (i.e., frame-rate, resolution, aspect-ratio, etc.):

Click Here for Additional Information on RVM SD Libraries

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