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Nature Series-1: Bonus Footage

Click on the image-links below to preview clips in the Nature Series-1 Bonus collection. Previews are in Flash format; we provide some helpful information about Flash here.

(*Please review our License Page, purchases imply your acceptance.)

Click an image below to preview the NS1 Bonus clips:
B1_0119.11NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_01 B1_0218.10NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_02 B1_0318.08NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_03 B1_0418.10NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_04 B1_0517.06NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_05
B1_0620.04NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_06 B1_0721.11NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_07 B1_0820.11NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_08 B1_0923.05NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_09 B1_1023.08NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_10
B1_1122.11NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_11 B1_1218.11NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_12 B1_1319.04NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_13 B1_1419.04NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_14 B1_1523.06NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_15
B1_1616.05NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_16 B1_1719.05NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_17 B1_1821.06NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_18 B1_1921.10NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_19 B1_2014.02NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_20
B1_2117.15NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_21 B1_2220.14NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_22 B1_2311.12NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_23 B1_2415.15NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_24 B1_2516.08NS1 Bonus Video Footage: B1_25
About RioVista-Media Nature Videos: NS1 Bonus Collection

NS1 Bonus Collection: This 25-clip nature video collection is comprised of mountains, canyons, tree-scapes, roaring rivers, cascading-streams, and waterfalls, all from within the heart of Sierra Nevada canyon country!

Pristine Nature from the California Wilderness: Every effort was made to find as many unique and remotely wild locations as possible. The content and "talent" is entirely nature ... no objects, roads, cars, wires, or even people.

About the Flash Previews: All of our preview clips are in Adobe Flash format. We selected this format because previews load almost immediately, have acceptable image quality, and most computers have the Flash player installed. If the previews don't play, the likely problem is that Flash isn't yet installed on your computer. The Adobe Flash player is a free program that takes just a minute or two to download. If you need to download it, we have a link on our Links page.

SD Footage Quality and Technical Info: All of the collections in Nature Series-1 (NS1) are available in Standard Definition (720-SD) format only. Please review our general technical fnfo page for details on the quality you can expect. For details on NTSC and other specifications (used in our SD clips), click on SD format details.

Previews are short, usually about 6-10 seconds, and are intended to provide a glimpse of the content. The times given above each clip are the actual clip times, not the preview time. We think the preview quality is good but in no way represents the actual quality of our footage.

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